Germany’s future without nuclear power, coal and gas
09.04.2024 · 09:00
09.04.2024 · 10:00
EET (Eastern European time)

Insides about Energy Supply for Germany, Europe and the Globe

Germany has phased out nuclear power in 2023 and is planning to become carbon neutral by 2045. The energy crisis caused by Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine two years ago, hit Germany – and Europe – hard and accelerated its energy transition even further.


But: What will be our energy sources of the future in Germany, Europe and worldwide? How can we tackle geoeconomic challenges presented by the globe’s energy transition? And how does Germany organize its future energy supply to keep its industries strong?

Our Speakers:

Julia Kahrl, Deputy Head of Division ‘Energy Diplomacy and Decarbonisation’ at the Federal Foreign Office, Berlin (Head of Economic Section at the German Embassy in Helsinki until July 2023).

Niklas Becker, Director for Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany Trade & Invest