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The New Supply Chain Due Diligence Law in Practice
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21.11.2023 · 09:00
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21.11.2023 · 11:00

Establishing a sustainable supply chain management is an effective tool for companies to operate in compliance with the new Supply Chain Due Diligence Law (LkSG), remain competitive, and at the same time, minimize liability risks and potential damage to their image.


It is part of responsible sustainability management and supports the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The new Supply Chain Due Diligence Law (LkSG) now imposes specific regulations on companies in this area.

We are organizing a training session on the topic in collaboration with Attorneys-at-Law Magnusson Ltd and Orth Kluth on Tuesday November 21st from 9-11 AM. You are welcome to join!

Registration closes on November 20th.
The event will include breakfast, refreshments, coffee, and tea.